2:56am 03-30-2023
magnifici* ROFL.. almeno te lo posso di' due volte
1:27am 03-30-2023
la tua pagina è fantastica! c'è tantissimo lavoro e dedicazione dietro ogni grafica e collage si vede, it's very inspiring!! it feels like an artwork of its own.

grazie tantissimo per il tuo messaggio btw mi hai reso contentissimo... i tuoi disegni sono magnifichi deliziosamente macabri <3
12:31pm 03-18-2023
4:27pm 09-06-2022
hii!!!I checked your artpage after the update amd it's so pretty ohmygosh! as expected your drawings are very unique like your website!!! keep up the good work <3
Replied on: 6:49pm 09-07-2022

awww hi! thank you soso much...I'll keep trying my best :3

12:35pm 08-18-2022
i love this site so so much it has such amazing visuals and every page is special in its own way yet they are all connected and it feels so personal. seeing you come so far in this project had also really given me inspiration to work on my own again
Replied on: 1:07pm 08-18-2022

trying to be as genuine as possible in my work even if that means being kitschy... I'm my own target audience after all..! I'd love to follow your journey on there as well!!! lmk what your website is if you'd like :3c

2:44am 08-18-2022
AAAAA! I adore the visuals and utter grotesque madness!☆ Absolutely lovley!☆ everything has so much passion and thought put into it! I find myself coming back to this site whenever I need inspiration for artworks!!! Your site is incredible! Please keep up the good work!!! I look forward to finding more lil secrets in the site!☆
Replied on: 1:04pm 08-18-2022

thank chuuu darling!!!! I'll do my very best to keep building this little underground maze...<3

2:27am 08-18-2022
i cant stop revising your site, it feels fresh and i cant get tired of it. i love the visuals !! really unique in a way that embraces old personal sites yet it gives a vibe i havent seen before in my years on neocities. and sorry if this is an annoying question but what programs are you using for the backgrounds ?? i only quite trust you for recommendations :-)
Replied on: 1:01pm 08-18-2022

currently melting into a puddle >x< my building/creative process is quite random, but knowing it's perceived that way relieves me! and it's definitely not an annoying question I use my old friend Gimp 2 for pretty much all the editing!

5:05pm 08-16-2022
so inspired by ur site wtf brother absolute goals
Replied on: 12:56pm 08-18-2022

:3 yours is even more awesome peyton!!! we should make a webringgg

8:57pm 08-12-2022
Coco <3
I hate people they already made all the compliments I could think of. How am I supposed to be original now ?? Anyway, insert every other comment here.
Also I just found out you could change the font... so I chose the best one.
Replied on: 12:58pm 08-18-2022

originality is not real! just like perfection

5:08am 08-07-2022
your CREATIVITY...... the visuals are so cool man . ur website is so beautiful and unique ❦ ❦ ❦
Replied on: 12:25am 08-08-2022

just experimenting...thank youu! enjoy your stay :3

1:01pm 08-03-2022
Hi your site is beyond gorgeous, the vibe it gives off is amazingly unique and I'm in love with the collages in the background <3 I'm looking forward to seeing more updates you are going to do here
Replied on: 6:55pm 08-03-2022

I'll do my best to meet your expectations hehe thank you!<3

11:18pm 08-01-2022
i love how U chose the most harrowing diru images to blingee...adore the visuals a lott xxx
Replied on: 12:25am 08-02-2022

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° hehe...tysm ... <3 they're so fun to make zzz

10:06pm 08-01-2022
this site goes hard i love it
Replied on: 10:22pm 08-01-2022

thank you<3333 hehe

8:27pm 08-01-2022
Hello!! Love u Ari! :3
Replied on: 8:34pm 08-01-2022

hi Pixel!!! luv u 2 <3!!

5:22am 08-01-2022
so much respect for you for this. you have a really distinct style in my opinion which is so inspiring ...everything you create makes me really happy >0< thank you for sharing this with us!
Replied on: 2:46pm 08-01-2022

Flattered you think so!! thank you <3 I wouldn't consider my style to be that original or anything, but at least i know it deeply resonates with me ^^ thank u for the support!!

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